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From the plane window, I could see the sun reflecting off surface of the sea below. Then our plane started to descend toward the Tirana, Albania airport.

I had read and heard so much about this land. We had planned to see everything in our two week trip around Albania.  We booked hotels close to the crystal beaches in the country’s south, where the Adriatic meets the Ionian. We found spots at guest houses in the Albanian Alps and reserved  a medium-sized rental from RCA,  Rent-a-Car Albania . We asked guides to show us historical sites in Apollonia and Berat as wellas for the hike from Valbona to Theth. We even got tickets to see a famous Dutch DJ play at a festival at Shengjin’s (a beach town just 30 km from the Tirana airport) “Rana e Hedhun” beach. Everything was carefully planned. As it was our first visit to the Western Balkans, we didn’t really know what to expect.

So much had been written about Albania’s beaches. We couldn’t resist the idea that we could be among those who get to enjoy the last remaining virgin shores in Southeastern Europe. A great adventure awaited us and we could hardly wait.

We had landed safely in the bustling Tirana airport when unexpectedly the face of a friendly young man appeared before us. He was holding a sign with my girlfriend’s name on it. Enea was an staff member of the RCA, Rent-a-Car company  and it looked like he as was there to make our first moments in Albania a little easier.

The young man’s smiling face seemed almost familiar, like that of an old friend who could hardly wait to see us. This friendliness reminded us of all the travel reviews we had read about this beautiful country and its people.

Our trip around Albania began with this positive feeling from the young man who met us at the airport with endless recommendations for restaurants, bars, and virgin beaches to visit. He also gave us a free car upgrade from the RCA Rent-a-Car Albania.

After two weeks of traveling from the south to the north of this fantastic country, our trip ended with the same happy smile that it started.

Thank you,  RCA!

Your slogan – “Be our guest” – truly expresses what awaits travelers to you and to your country.

Couple traveler