The beaty of the south

Gjirokastra (The stone city)

Gjirokastra is a magical hillside town described beautifully by Albania’s most famous

author, Ismail Kadare (nominated for Nobel Prize). The origin of the city starts with the castle of Gjirokastra, built in IV century AD.

Mosque of Bazaar (Gjirokastra)

Mosque of Bazaar is built in 1557 with its intensive use of stone in building the houses, which look like small fortresses.

Due to all these features,Gjirokastra is also known as the “The Stone City”.


Saranda is the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera.

Butrint (South of Saranda)

It constitutes a very rare combination of archaeology and nature. The property is a

microcosmos of Mediterranean history, with occupation dating from 50’000 BC. In 44 BC

Butrint became a Roman colony and in the 5th century AD it became an Episcopal center.

Mediterranean spirit of Ionian small cities (Himara)

Himara, the largest village of the southern Riviera, is a must-see! Of all the villages along the coast,

Himara offers the most inclusive summer experience. This is why most prestigious travel guides recommend it without hesitation.

– Multiple departure times & Locations available from Monday to Sunday

– Hotel Pick Up & Drop Off

– Transportation with Eco Friendly Vehicle

– English & Italian speaking driver, qualified

on roads and driving

-1-3 people (more than 3 upon request)

-Entrance Fees Included

-All Taxes Included

2 fully days required

Hotel Room with 1 double bad included

Total Distance Covered 557 km

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